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1.Sino-Green is one of the global certified growers of the International Genetic Assurance Program (ITGAP) administered by the Georgia Crop Development Association and the University of Georgia.
Sino-Green is authorized by the U.S. patent holder and certified as an International Licensed Grower. Our nurseries are built and maintained in accordance to the International Genetic Assurance Program (ITGAP) standards. ITGAP inspectors regularly inspect and certify our nurseries for purity and uniformity in accordance with ITGAP production standards.Sino-Green is committed to providing our customers the highest quality, pure, uniform warm-season turfgrass, effective establishment programs and on-going professional support services by our certified agronomist.
2ITGAP certified turfgrass production protocols:
● Fields to be eligible must be fumigated.
● Fields must be isolated by artificial barrier with a height of 1.5 meters.
● No any other variety and other perennials grasses at a distance of 5 meters. If so, fields must separated by a minimum of 20 meters.
● Water resources should be located in the upstream of drainage system.
● Irrigation water must not mix with the seeds of other varieties.
● Irrigation equipment must be dedicated to those fields only to prevent mixing use with other varieties or plants.
● Turfgrass maintenance equipment must be dedicated to prevent contamination of field by equipment.
● Wash facilities must be available at the entrance of the production fields. All people and equipments must be thoroughly washed prior to entry.
● Nursery supervisors and workers must be dedicated.
3Certified Turfgrass Production Procedure:
● Field leveling
● Field fumigation
● Pre-inspection before planting
● Imported original planting stock from the United States
● Planting procedure for certified turf planting
● Grow-in inspection
● Grow-in maintenance
● Inspection before harvesting
  • 不同品种的混杂导致球道上颜色不均
  • 来自盗版苗圃的草导致球道混杂
  • 盗版的TifEagle苗圃
  • 果岭上的混杂更槽糕,如图示百慕达果岭混杂海滨雀稗
  • 糟糕的果岭草现状
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