EcoSand® new soil amendment, Pro-L Infulse water-retaining agent have been introduced since 2013 in an effort of promoting the construction of ecological golf courses.

1.    EcoSand Amendments

Introduction: EcoSand, a new soil Conditioners & Amendments, originally imported from the United States by Sino-Green as a general agent, certified by OMRI(Organic Materials Review Institute) both in The United States and Canada which is known for its highest CEC(Cation Exchange Capacity) and excellent performance within the industry. The sales amount has reach up to 100 tons less than 5 months since introduced into China market in May 2015. EcoSand, injected into the soil profile in the golf course by DreJect equipment from Sino-Green helps to dramatically decrease the use of water and fertilizers and to enhance turf resistance under extreme conditions, resulting a friendly environmental and harmonious golf course. EcoSand plays an essential role in landscape and contributes a lot to make a friendly environmental city.

Golf Clubs with EcoSand Applications:

LanhaiInternation Golf Resort

Zhongshan International Golf Club
Hefei Zipengwan Golf Club
Wenzhou Orient Golf Club

Huangshan Hidden Tiger Golf Club

2. DryJect Pro-L INFUSE, a breakthrough water-saving new turf technology

Introduction: DryJect Pro-L INFUSE is a new high-precision injection technology that allows us to inject precise amounts of chemicals directly into your root zooms. It helps you reduce water needs while keeping fine turf healthy.

Benefits of Pro-L Infuse in the turf:

Improved root growth and viability

Water needs reduced up to 50%
Greener, fuller top growth
Reduces watering frequency
Reduces nutrient leaching
Increases moisture infiltration rates and hold capacity
Decreases runoff; hydrophilic, fast infiltrationWhat Makes It Work?

Liquid flowable form

Excellent distribution in the soil profile

Increases water holding capacity
Holds nutrients in the soil profile
Helps moderate soil temperature
Helps make aeration more effective
Lowest monomer count of any polymer

Highly stable when used with fertilizer and salts

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