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The Better Billy Bunker Method is an advanced, simple and unique patented technology, which is a bunker system that combines a 2" gravel layer that is coated with a specialized polymer to create a durable, liner less system. The BBB Methods helps to reduce washouts, prevents contamination of bunker sand while helping to increase the drainage capacity of your bunkers at the maximum of 37,000mm rainfall.

The water flew slowly before the use of BBB.
The water draining of the bottom.

slope became much faster after the use of BBB.

BBB introduction
Construction procedures:
Removing sands and checking the drainage pipes → 2-inch gravel layer → installing ST410 polymers by professionals → 24hr of polymer treatment → sand loading →finish
  • On the left side of the image without the use of BBB after the effect of the rain, the right side
    for the use of the effect.
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