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DRYJECT is a revolutionary aeration technology designed and developed by DRYJECT Company based in The United States. DryJect’s high-pressure (3000psi), water-based injection system blasts aeration holes through the root zone in a depth of 20cm to fracture the soil while it’s patented vacuum technology simultaneously fills holes with amendments such as EcoSand, AXIS, fertilizers, ppc, chemicals and other stuffs. Relieve compaction, increase water filtration and resulted in less damage to the root zone compared to traditional core aeration. DryJect can inject necessary liquid or solid materials like amendments, fungicides, insecticides, fertilizers, wetting agents during application and amend your soil at the same time. Sino-Green is the exclusive franchisee in China.

Our company is the exclusive DRYJECT in China to join the business, to provide services for the Chinese market.

  • North China
    Bayhood Beijing No.9 Golf Club;
    Beijing HuaKe Golf Club;
    Beijing Ligong Golf Club;
    Beijing Oasis Golf Club;
    Beijing California County Golf Club;
    Beijing Golf Club;
    Qinhuangdao Anaya Golf Club;
    Tianjin Beach Golf Club;
    TianjingJinnan Golf Club.
    East China
    Shanghai Hongqiao Golf Club;
    Shanghai Tianma Country Club;
    Lanhai International Golf Resort;
    East Sea Golf & Country Club;
    Wenzhou Orient Golf Club;
    Huangshan Hidden Tiger Golf ClubAnhui Zipengwan Golf Club;
    Zhongshan International Golf Club;
    DeqingGuanyun Golf Club.
    Central China
    Wuhan Yishan Golf Club;
    Chengdu Tianfu Golf Club;
    Hubei Xiantao Golf Club.

    South China
    Discovery Bay Golf Club;
    Foshan Shanyuhu Golf Club;
    Huizhou ZonglvdaoGolf Club;
    HuizhoubaoxingGolf Club;
    Zhuhai CuihuGolf Club;
    Guilin ShanshuiGolf Club.

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